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  • How users can easily classify the content they create
  • Using classification to quickly identify sensitive data and PII within documents and emails
  • Leveraging Machine Learning to make classification simple and accurate
  • How to classify data which hasn’t originated within the organization
  • Ensuring your data-at-rest is appropriately protected to minimize accidental data loss

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Increase user engagement across your organization

When users are active participants in data protection processes, they become more accountable for the information they create.

With support for fully automated, system-guided, and user-driven, manual classification, Titus integrates data identification and information protection into every day workflows, making it as seamless as a spell-check

This promotes a culture of security that enables organizations to enforce data governance policies and prevent inadvertent disclosures.

Enhance security awareness

Titus Classification clearly identifies sensitive information by classifying documents and applying visual markings to email and files as needed.

As users work with the information, they are guided by interactive policy tips to encourage proper handling and prevent disclosure to unintended recipients.

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Meet regulatory compliance requirements

Titus Classification enables organizations to confidently share information while complying with government and industry regulations.

Titus solutions are used by organizations to comply with broadly applicable regulations like GDPR, CCPA, EPMS as well as standards and regulations commonly used in governmental and military environments, like ISO 27001, NERC, HIPAA, SOX, ITAR, and EAR.

What our customers are saying

Easy to administrate and create policies. Very user friendly for information labeling. Great solution to label information in Microsoft word, excel, outlook, power point. Read full review
The Titus classification tool has to be your one stop shop for data classification and protection. Read full review
Titus provides an easy way to classify your files while saving and e-mails while sending via giving user a simple prompt window. Read full review

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