The line between asset and liability is blurring

Data is growing, it’s estimated that over 25 petabytes of data are created each day in 2019 and almost all of it gets saved somewhere.

Far too much of this data is saved – on file shares, network drives, and cloud services – “just in case,” and upwards of 70 percent of this data holds no business value. Data that is redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) can lead to legal risks or compliance violations.

It’s been said that data is a company’s greatest asset, but it can also represent its greatest risk.

What’s required is a data at rest strategy to separate the assets from the liabilities while helping organizations define what and where their data is, who has access to it, and how to protect it.

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Illuminate your data

Illuminate scans locations where you store data, including on-premise shares, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online.

It examines and automatically classifies the files it discovers, ensuring appropriate data protection is applied.

And, as it scans files, Illuminate gathers extensive information about each file, building a data inventory for you to run analytics to identify risk areas.

Illuminate helps your organization:

  • Detect and understand your data at rest
  • Protect files with encryption and remediation options
  • Analyze results to better understand your data
  • Enhance DLP, ERM, and other security solutions
  • Use Machine Learning to automate classification

Download our datasheet for details.

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Return on your investment today and tomorrow

Data Inventory lets you immediately discover the type, size, age, location, owner and access rights of your data.

Automatically apply classification metadata to enhance the ability of DLP, ERM, and other security solutions to apply the appropriate controls.

Protect files with encryption and remediation options.

Analyze results to better understand your data and build better data protection strategies.

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Smarter data protection with Machine Learning

Machine learning is a term that’s being used more and more by data protection companies. Keep in mind that not all implementations of machine learning are the same.

Discover how machine learning can enable organizations to improve classification and enhance data protection strategies.

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