Data Classification for Google Workspace

Confidently identify, classify, secure and share sensitive information in Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Calendar to optimize your security efforts.

Organizations are adapting to new ways of working, spurred by innovative tools that help productivity. But this new technology poses a challenge to data protection. Every day, people access, use and share sensitive corporate information.

As business go through a digital transformation, data protection must evolve to address new risks that come with modern work practices, including the need to meet regulatory requirements. More than ever before, organizations need solutions that protect data in day-to-day workflows.

Titus Data Classification for Google Workspace is a security solution that allows users to easily and confidently identify, classify, secure and share sensitive information within the flow of work, through either SaaS or on-premise based delivery models.

Classify Gmail Data


  • Identify sensitive information in email, docs, sheets, slides, and calendar
  • Enable actionable and enforceable data security and privacy policies
  • Create data protection policies that meet your business, regulatory compliance, security, and privacy requirements
  • Support automated, suggested and user-driven classification
  • Optimize your security efforts, such as employee behavior monitoring, data loss prevention, and employee security awareness


Data Classification for Google Workspace allows you to classify unstructured data and apply security policies to ensure protection for the sensitive content most important to your organization.

Robust capabilities and rich feature sets define Titus Data Classification for Google Workspace, offering:

  • Seamless user experience
  • Forced and flexible classification
  • Platform interoperability
  • Workflow Rules:
    • Policy enforcement for data protection
    • Content inspection to accurately understand the sensitivity of the data
    • Manual, suggested and automated classification

Offers customized protection

Establish custom policies and categories to provide appropriate protection to your data based on the needs of your business.

Fits within your business

Identify and classify data within Google Workspace, knowing that the data will be protected while giving users freedom to choose the tools they prefer.

Works with your existing security tools

Benefit from data classification as the foundation of your security strategy. Data Classification for Google Workspace integrates directly into Google workflow through a powerful, flexible policy engine that can ensure data protection through Titus and our ecosystem of security partners.

Scales with your organization

The breadth of data classification capabilities supports both growing SMB and large-scale enterprise customers. Available in multiple delivery models, choose a cloud-based or on-premised based solution depending on organizational requirements.

Encourages user engagement

The policy engine guides users through the classification process, empowering them to stop and think about the value of data they’re working with to ensure it’s appropriately protected.

Supports corporate adoption

Users quickly learn how to classify data and recognize the crucial role they play in protecting what matters most to their company.





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Gartner has identified Titus as a sample vendor in
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Gartner has identified Titus as a sample vendor in
10 Gartner Hype Cycles

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